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I enjoy building both personal and business sites almost as much as I enjoy blogging at
Hi, this is angelkitcat.  I am going to tell you a little bit about myself on this page. (I will endeavour to be truthful.)  As of December 9th of 2010 I turned 63 years young.  Truly, I think I am in my second childhood maybe my third.  I have red hair and blue/green eyes.  I'm not badly put together for an old gal.  I have done many different things for a living since I was 13 years old.....mostly full time work.  I was in the food industry, the entertainment industry and retail sales at one time or another in my younger days.  From 1973 to 1977 I was involved in getting my Sociology/Psychology degree from Laurentian University in Canada.  Then from 1977 to 1991 I worked in different Social Work positions. I have been working on several projects on the net since Tom and Dennis passed away.  I approach things with a great deal of determination, enthusiasm and old fashioned guts. I plan to be in a much better place by the end of this year. I am working at having my own business on the net.  I want to make a comfortable living or better from my home. I want to conduct an honest, ethical and helpful business. To me it is important to always follow your dreams no matter how old you are or where you are financially!  It is, when the day is ended; even more important to be passionate about your life. 
Note:  You know what is nice is being able to spell like a Canadian again; like 'behaviour' not 'behavior'.  Being back in Canada feels good.   

I will be a Mime yet!

Angels are watching over us all!

People probably wonder just why I have angels, fairys, cats, and dogs all over my site.  Well simply put I love dogs and cats and their pictures.  Angels are real to my mind and I collect pictures of them.  Fairies...well just let me say I am the first one to clap my hands when Tinkerbell is fading in Peter Pan.  Oh, by the way I love gardens, and growing all kinds of flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Bunnies like flowers too!

Got to be careful....don't want to fall!

Angels have garden's too!

Lovely music there AngelKitty!

Yecch! another hairball.



My Moma
I am just a kitten of small stature,
I put up my paw so you will know I am here,
I want to ask something of great import,
Will you be my Moma...are you with me yet?
You be my Moma...I shall be your pet'
I'll probably not pay much attention,
But that has never been a prerequisite,
Just feed me, change my litter, and let me sit
Sometimes on your bed or sofa or chair,
Just let me talk to you when I'm there,
I will often ignore you or yowl at you too,
That sounds like a deal ...doesn't it to you?
autor - Ruth D Shultz


Pussycat, Pussycat, where have you been?
I've been to London to visit the Queen,
Pussycat, Pussycat, what did you there?
I frightened a little mouse under a chair!
English nursery ryhme - author unknown


Elevators These Days Are Really Crowded!

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