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Family Photo Album

On this page some of the people I consider members of my family.

Picture taken this year on Cam.
Life is grand if you don't weaken!

My youngest daughter Elizabeth
A very prolific writer!

Betty my sister and Charlie, Anne's husband
Odd Couple

When/If I get an up to date picture of my son Daniel; I shall insert it with the rest of my family pictures.



My oldest daughter, Angela.
A really amazing singer!

Andy my nephew and sister Anne
Happier times.

Dave, my brother, in full voice. Unfortunately we lost him to cancer in 2005.

Anne and Morgan!

Down Under
My lovely sister Anne in Australia

This could be my Morin Cat
Teddy and me.

My Granddaughter, Emily Mae

My Grandbaby, Autumn Rayne

These are my three Granddaughters.  They are perfect in every way.  I have conversations on the telephone with all of them!  Emily Mae, the older of the three, is very intelligent and loves to read.  The middle child, August Louise is a very much a little lady and constantly dressing up.  The baby is gorgeous and bright as a penny. I cannot wait to meet all of them in person.  Even though I haven't met them in person I love them very much just the same.  My daughter runs a tight ship, is a terrific cook, a wonderful seamstress, and a really accomplished writer; but most of all an Excellent Mom.  She offers her little ones an atmosphere of learning, understanding, respect, and love. I am very proud of her and all her many accomplishments despite great adversity.   My four girls  live in Ontario.

My second oldest Granddaughter, August Louise

This is my oldest granddaughter Emily Mae
Her mother says she looks like and angel!


Dylan is my Pomeranian.
Dlyan is full of enthusiasm and very sweet natured.

I found I had to move back to Ontario, Canada.  Unfortunately I was not economically able to bring my cats.  But I was able to place them in a 'No Kill Shelter'.  They were adopted before I even got settled here!  An adult household gave them both a home together!  I call that a small  miracle.
I was able to bring Dylan with me as he could ride in his carrier under the seat ahead of me.  He actually seemed to enjoy the trip.

Morin. is a noble alpha male tabby.
Morin has a lovely heroic personality.

Teddybear was always a lovely playful kitty!