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I hope you enjoy my poetry.

Round the Corner
No large infectious grin to wake up to,
That generous countenance is no longer here.
I can not reach out and feel him beside me
But he has taught me not to fear.
He taught me how to love,
With no limitations
A love beyond kind words
Nothing's the same in relations.
Like a flower I have bloomed,
From a caterpiller came a butterfly,
He taught me how to open up
And now I see the sky.
I see past me to others,
I through him to life,
He was my husband and my lover,
And I became more than just a wife.
He will always be in my heart now,
Always be a part of me,
He is just round the corner,
A large part of my reality.



 If Ever   
If ever I know you like the back of my hand,
I still will not know all the mysteries of you,
If ever I know you as God knows the sand,
I still will not know every little look you give,
If ever I know you as mapmakers know the land,
I still will not understand you for as long as I live,
If ever I know you as the man that gave me his hand 
Then will I know you fully in love this is true

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I wonder if I will see you when the lights turn off in my eyes?
I wonder if it will grieve me.. what I find when I breath no more?
Or will I see what I have always believed and think myself wise,
And see that there is  no time, place, or space - no door
To an imortality that I have been told of since I was shy of four.
I wonder if I will smell your scent though I breathe no longer?
I wonder if I will find a brighter light...when I breath no more?
Oh, I will see what I have always believed so I am stronger.
There will be no hard facts, war, or hatred through the door
To an imortality that I have believed since I was shy of four.


Afraid - More Than A Little.
Am I afraid of adventure, new places or things?
No that is now second nature to me.
Am I afraid of expanding my horizons and dreams?
No that I have always wanted to see.
Am I afraid of the dark, corners or a strange home?
No that is not any part at all of my trepidation.
So what is it that makes me say too often to myself?
"Am I mad...going to that place to see him?"  Must I
Keep seeing scenes from CSI and Criminal Minds?
Am I too untrusting or unyeilding or maybe it's a lie ....
Good common sense is sitting at the back of my brain.
Am I afraid to loose in death or life my reputation?
Younger people say, "Hey it's no big deal." ...Why?
Because they go out and approach life without fear.
But being older is often claustrophobic and limiting.
Hard to face life with bravery so that anyone can hear
Your old heart pounding with worry over everything that
Is real; concerned that one falls into humilation. 


Brand New
It is hard to think of something being brand new,
Now in the very autumn of my life here on earth
At a time when I should be slowing down -
At least that is what others try to make us think
But I want each day to be full of surprises
And joy so I won't ever have to say -
That I did not live this life fully.
That is why I have you in my life Darling,
So real and vital and sure of your feelings.
You make me want to do silly things
And think happy thoughts all the time.
I am glad you are a part of my life now.
You give me little surprises every day,
And nights full of sweet, real, joyous love.  


As the Crow Flies

That you would come 3552 miles,
As the crow flies North East,
To meet the gal you call the best,
Makes me wonder if when you rest,
You dream of what should be the test-
To know the gal you call the best.
Perhaps we'll let a spell test our hearts,
And soon in time we will be a pair,
We might get a home right here,
And you will have nothing to fear,
Nor will you have to shed a tear,
For you will become my own Dear.
Why don't people tell the truth anymore?


We're big advocates for speaking honestly in close relationships. In counseling thousands of couples, we've seen an incredible amount of destruction wrought by hiding significant truths. Why do so many of us find it so hard to speak honestly in our intimate relationships? In our Couples Course, we put a big piece of paper on the wall, and invited participants to list all the reasons they had used to avoid telling some significant truth in a close relationship. Here's the Top 15:
1. I don't want to hurt your feelings.
2. It wasn't important (*referring to a 'one-night stand' infidelity.)
3. You won't be able to handle it.
4. This is not the right time.
5. I'll tell you when I figure it out.
6. I feel dumb (foolish) (embarrassed) telling you.
7. I should be able to handle this myself.
8. You must be tired of hearing the same thing.
9. You don't share so I won't.
10. I'm afraid you will get mad (sad) (afraid).
11. You're in a good mood and I don't want to bring you down.
12. I'm figuring out how to word it so I don't push your buttons
(*referring to confessing a sexual affair.)
13. You won't like me when you hear it.
14. Everything will unravel if I tell you about this.
15. You'll reject me or leave me if I tell you.
Here's hoping this list inspires us all to be more impeccable about speaking honestly!
Have you been on the receiving end or the speaking end of any other excuses for not speaking the truth? If so, please let us know so we can add to the list.
Founders, The Hendricks Institute; Authors, 'Conscious Loving,' 'Attracting Genuine Love,' 'Five Wishes,' 'The Corporate Mystic